We are passionate about the products and the quality of training we deliver

About us

At Shortest Path Training we understand that different organisations and individuals have very different training needs. We offer a range of open courses taught at regular intervals, or we can provide unique, bespoke courses based upon specific functionality and data sets; and reflecting the students’ current software knowledge. Our standard courses offer excellent value for money, and our bespoke courses utilise the standard course materials as a starting point to keep the customisation costs down.

We pride ourselves on our ability to work with students who have varying levels of skill and our ability to make people feel comfortable. We provide an environment which encourages questions, discussion, and “giving it a go”. Our trainers’ practical experience allows them to help students relate the materials covered to their own working environment.

When i2 Group release new i2 software we update the relevant courses to ensure our customers are getting the best possible service. There is always a short delay between the very latest release and the updates to our courses. We are currently training Analyst’s Notebook Version 9 and iBase Version 9. Please note: Analyst’s Notebook Version 10 has now been released, however it does not interact with iBase in the way we usually train the programs together. This is likely to be resolved in later releases – however for the moment, as the differences between versions are minimal from a training perspective, we will keep training version 9 until demand changes.

If you would like more information about exactly which versions will be used on a specific course then please call or contact us.


Why Choose Us?

We are uniquely placed within the i2 training ecosystem in that we:
  • Train all four core i2 products: Analyst’s Notebook, iBase, Analysis Studio, and Analysis Hub
  • Run open, scheduled courses both online and in our Cambridge classroom all year round – find our Schedule here
  • Regularly run closed courses, on-site courses, customised, and bespoke courses tailored to clients’ needs at request
  • Can run any and all of our classes either online (using our purpose-built online classrooms) or in person
  • Host Online Self-Paced courses for delegates that prefer to learn at their own pace
  • Keep all of our courses up to date as new versions of the software are released
  • Have three permanent, dedicated trainers who write and deliver our courses – we never outsource training
  • Have training databases and datasets ready to go on all of our courses, covering a wide variety of data
  • Have within our team over 100 years’ of combined experience using i2 software!

Meet The Team

Janet Warner

was the founder of Shortest Path Training Limited and is a Director with the organisation. She has over 25 years’ experience using the software as a senior criminal intelligence analyst within UK law enforcement and then as an instructor with i2 and IBM. In her analytical role she worked on several high profile cases and used the i2 products on a daily basis to analyse a wide variety of subjects and data. On leaving her analytical role she joined i2 as a trainer, where she wrote and delivered courses at the highest level to students from both the private and public sector and in Cambridge and around the world. Janet is also a TAP certified training professional.

Fraser Patrick

is an i2 Instructor with 6 years’ experience in training i2 Analyst’s Notebook & iBase, writing and running i2 courses for a wide array of public & private organisations worldwide. He has previously worked both in education for the University of Cambridge and in the training and development of large, multinational, corporate teams. His enthusiasm for supporting trainees and the evolution of their knowledge drives the courses that he teaches. Fraser is a TAP certified training professional, holder of a TAP Diploma in Learning & Development, and has completed the RISC Intelligence Analysis course at Wyboston Lakes. Fraser is also a Full Member of both the Chartered Institute of Information Security (CIISec), and the Institute of Cyber Digital Investigation Professionals (ICDIP).

Mark Fleet

is a Director and Instructor and has over 25 years’ experience training i2 Software both for i2 Limited and IBM, and Shortest Path Training. He has written and delivered courses at the highest level to students from both the private and public sector, in Cambridge and around the world. His knowledge of the i2 products and how they are used by the customers is unsurpassable! Mark is also a TAP certified training professional.


Kelly Lyons

is an i2 Instructor with over 7 years’ experience working for both i2 Limited and IBM, writing and delivering courses to students from all over the world. She also spent 7 years in the UK Military working as an Analyst in the Intelligence Corps, and during that time used i2 products on a frequent basis – both domestically and whilst deployed on operations abroad. Kelly is also a TAP certified training professional.

Michelle Fuller 

is the Head of Sales and Account Management at Shortest Path. Before this she spent 24 years of her career working for i2 and subsequently IBM, ensuring i2 users were getting the most out of their investment within the software. As a Public Sector Subject Matter Expert and trusted advisor, Michelle is able to assist you moving forward with your use of i2 software in your organisation. She can draw on her vast experience of new and original uses of the software and can put you in touch with similar organisations.

Carol Shaw

is the company Training Administrator and previously worked for both i2 Limited and IBM. She has been involved with i2 software customers and users for many years. Carol co-ordinates the training and makes sure that our delegates have all the information they need either whilst they are deciding on which courses they need or just before they are due to attend a course. Carol will help you to make sure you are happy with the course you have chosen and will make sure that the process from booking to sitting in the classroom is as simple and straightforward as possible.