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Training Day Packages


Plan ahead and save money on your training budget


Why buy a Training Day Package?

* Assist with securing your training budgets in advance (rather than having to apply on an ad-hoc basis) *

* Give you back control of your training strategy *

* Cost effective *

* Avoid hassle and last-minute pressures *


How will Shortest Path Training support me?

We will be with you throughout the whole process, assisting you with putting in place a training program that is optimal for your analysts and your organisation.


How does it work?

An example of how a Training Day Package might work for you can be found below:

Let’s say you decided to buy 100 Training Days to be used on any Shortest Path Training course or modules over the following year. You could then decide to send 1 person on a scheduled Analyst’s Notebook Standard course (3 days), plus two of our 1-day modules: this would equate to 5 training days used out of your procured 100 days.

You might then choose to have a course held at your own location, for example our 3-day Analyst’s Notebook Standard course, with 10 delegates – this would then use a further 30 days from your 100 training days.


To discuss our Training Day Packages in more detail, please contact us directly at: info@shortestpathtraining.co.uk

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